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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Introducing My Out-Door and In-door Events- Decor

By Mabs

I am delighted to introduce my latest creation!

 Welcome to my in-door/out-door touch!

True to my passion for decoration plus my keen interest in adding charm to ordinary spaces and events, I will be glad to add DeMabs  touch to your space and event! Thanks to DeMabs Design!

Get a sneak peek of our latest addition and get familiar with some of the things you could hire from us:

  • Chairs and  Chair-covers, 
  • Tables and Table covers,
  •  Cutlery, 
  • Glasses (all sorts; water,wine etc),
  •  Tea-cups
  •  Plates, 
  • Chaffing dishes/Food warmers, 
  • Table umbrellas,
  •  Canopies, 
  • Flowers
  • Balloons and other decor items.

We offer quality services and add sparkle to your event: in line with your request  and dream!

If you are hosting a meeting, birthdays, sendoff party, Tea-party etc

Feel free to contact us Tel( +256) 077 897 6255

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